Call for quartz or granite countertop installation services in Albany, NY

Tired of your old kitchen countertops? Capital Kitchen & Granite Inc. can renovate your kitchen with affordable granite or quartz countertop installation services. Our owner will schedule an in-house visit, measure your countertops and show you a 3D rendering using ProKitchen Software for approval before our team sets foot in your home.

To get started on your quartz or granite countertop installation in Albany, NY, schedule a consultation with our team from Capital Kitchen & Granite Inc. today.

Granite or quartz? The choice is yours

Make sure the job is done right the first time. We'll accompany you as you browse through our showroom and provide all the information you need to decide on the countertops that are right for you. It all starts with considering the attributes of granite and quartz.

Benefits of a granite countertop installation include:

-A natural appearance
-Extreme durability

Advantages of a quartz countertop installation include:

-A sleek, uniform appearance
-A reduced carbon footprint
-Flexibility of design

Whichever option you decide on, you'll have your choice of a wide variety of colors. We offer over 80 different colors and styles of quartz and granite countertops. Contact us in Albany, NY today to find the countertop that best fits your needs.